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Oh my jeebus!! So cows is givin root beer now, so they udders is pop bottles! So in order to gets tha root beer out, you needs bottle openers to get tha caps off and let tha root beer foam into tha buckets! Dat makes milkin chines a lil harder cause they can't squeeze or tha udders shatter! Unless ocourse you gots them special imported cows wif plastic udders den they wunt shatter so muchly. Den ocourse tha stores would sells root beer in cartons, and tha sayings on all tha mercials are all "Got RB?" with cows lettin tha biggest burps. They would be adbertisin how root beer a good source of calciums for strong bones too! Most of all if cows gave root beer stead of milk, all kids would be on sugar highs all day longs!! Includin me, cause I loves me some root beers!


McKennah Starbrook said...

Yeah, 'n I bet it'ud make em have lotsa gas too, so maybe they'd get real stinky alla time. You think? I ain't never seen no burpin' cow.

Sloane Woodford said...

HAHAHA vewy creative entry! OH and cheese and yogurt could be made with a root beer base: nom nom....NOT.

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