On Monday, August 30, 2010 1 comments

Listen up world, dis is Heath!! Stop makin tha nanimals go away wif you bad huntin and too much fishin and all dat stuffs. We gotta keep all dese endangers animals and plants and birds, cause, they is sposed to exists on our planets and we not posed to kill they all off, cause like we has cows for beef you know? We dunt need whales meats n stuff. It very importants for our futures so all tha animals dunt rise up and take ova tha world, and send us to tha moon to live in tha sand wif tha moonsand fleas.

In conclursions, I dunt want to live on da moon so please just leave all tha species of evything alone, ty.

On Friday, August 27, 2010 0 comments

So today I posed to talk about what I thinks of people who take advantage of othas.

I consida mineself to be no or low drama. Dat means, I try to be understandin, I try not to get involves in rumors and situations dat has nothin to do wif me for tha sake of doin it etc... So, when i come across people who is obviouslies takin advantage of someone else it bothas me, because I woulnt does it mineself. They is some people that will believes alot of what people says and so people takes advantage of they good nature, it wrong and not all appropriates.

While we on tha subject I will also like to touches on people who takes advantage of situations, puttin themselves somewhere dat they know will botha or hurt othas for tha sake of they own like of drama, or like of hurtin people. I consida dat just as bads.

In conklersions, I would just like to says I hopes someday dat these kinda prollems are less and we can be more compassions, understandin and content do dat nobody is tryin to takes advantage. Especially in mine world, tha SL world, it happen so much it almost expected, and dat not tha way things should be.

On Wednesday, August 25, 2010 0 comments

Well it hard to say what super power would be bests for me, but if I gonna choose one, it would be the powa to make cookies appear!! Usin mine mind, I would concernate and tha cookies would appears in front of me. Tha cookies could den be eaten by eveyone, or all by me (which would prolly happen). Only prollem wif dis powa is, I would prolly becomes ultra fats, and den I would need harposnuctions.

Reason I would pick dis powa is, umm, DUH!!! Unlimitlesses cooooookiiiiieeeessss foreva!!!! :D

On Monday, August 23, 2010 0 comments

Well August is hot, definatelies so mine cookies melt, so to me it doos mean melted cookies. Not that i dunt like tha chocolates all melties but den i makes messes, and messes means cleanup for mama! Or, for me n sissy to clean up afta ourselves hehe. August also means somethin else: Summa is almost ova! Time to get ready for back to school and get mine affairs in orders!

This August will always give a new meanin for me for futures Augusts to come, because this August we was adopted by our mama, Quincy Dyrssen, after her was our auntie for very long times! We was so so happy, and now foreva August can mean happiness and love for me, mama and sissy.