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Well, I choosed to be Superman. Not a new version of superman or anythin like dat, tha classic Superman you seed in tha older Superman movies. I likes Superman, hims powers and what him stands for and dats why I choosed him. Plus, sissy was Supergirl and we wanted to match, and her is Superman's cousin!

Superman's powes is very well knowed, but him can leap over tall buildins in a single bound, fly, has supers strength, super speed, and super breaf, has heat vision, and him can use combinations of hims powers to do all kinds of things. Like, freezin a lake wif super breaf, then carryin it ova a forest fire to put it out!

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Well dis is an easy answer for me. I been around alot of pessimistic people, which I sees as someone who sees more on the negative side or sees the downside of most things. I dunt think reality is negative. I is Optimisitc, because I can sees the positive in situations, I like to think abouts what could happen in a good way not what could happen in a bad way all the time. I could gives 100s of examples of dis, but i will gives just 1.

Many people have been seein the actions taken by Linden Lab in tha past lil bit as a sign they is goin unda, where I sees it as scalin back afta they spended far too much so they can makes tha world betta for us. I sees tha lighter side. And usuallies, I is right.

You can't lives life to tha fullest is you dunt have optimisms. Dat is me, and dat is how I is.

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Halloween is one of my most favourite times of year, so askin me what i wants to be for Halloween can be a big question. sometimes i dunt know what I really wanna be until I look around lots, but also, whateva I am dis year will be something i make. Since i love to make costumes and clothes, it could be all kinds of differnent things. A robot, cause dat would be fun and silly, or maybe a lil vampnire, or maybe a lion, who knows! Tha portant thing is dat me n sissy have lots of fun trick or treatin cause we missed out last year, and i know we will no matta what we chooses to be! Happy Halloween!!

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Well I talked about dis animal afore but, since I gotta pick a animal I love i gonna talk about it again! Mine animal is gonna be tha platterpoose!! Why?  Cause platterpoosesses seem like they is all seemin like they is nothin special but THEN! Somethin bad happens and they springs into action:

As a secret Agent!!!!

So obviously i gotta do mine research on tha platterpoose, they makes the world a betta place and protects us from tha evils!!!!  I wanna learn all they is to know about tha platterpoose and its eatin habits and all dat. And i hear they can swim!! Imagine dats huh?  Anyways, dat is mine animal and why I choosin it for animal studies!

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Well dere alot of reasons why I choosed Oceanside school. Mine first SL school sperience was at HKE and i hads fun, but I wanted to try somethin different and since camp was so fun I figures i needed to try miss Jill and misser Gattz' school too! I likes school to be like school and class to have things goin on all tha time, I likes havin recess and lunch in the lunch room, i likes ridin tha bus to school, and those is all things I needed to has and Oceanside looked like tha best place to get it. I not been dissappointed, Miss Nevy's class gives me tha kind of school i likes, and tha school has lots of clubs and fun activities too, like Adventure club wif mine Mama as leader! I gladd I decided to come to Oceanside and wouldn't change it for tha world!