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Well dis is an easy answer for me. I been around alot of pessimistic people, which I sees as someone who sees more on the negative side or sees the downside of most things. I dunt think reality is negative. I is Optimisitc, because I can sees the positive in situations, I like to think abouts what could happen in a good way not what could happen in a bad way all the time. I could gives 100s of examples of dis, but i will gives just 1.

Many people have been seein the actions taken by Linden Lab in tha past lil bit as a sign they is goin unda, where I sees it as scalin back afta they spended far too much so they can makes tha world betta for us. I sees tha lighter side. And usuallies, I is right.

You can't lives life to tha fullest is you dunt have optimisms. Dat is me, and dat is how I is.


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