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Well dere alot of reasons why I choosed Oceanside school. Mine first SL school sperience was at HKE and i hads fun, but I wanted to try somethin different and since camp was so fun I figures i needed to try miss Jill and misser Gattz' school too! I likes school to be like school and class to have things goin on all tha time, I likes havin recess and lunch in the lunch room, i likes ridin tha bus to school, and those is all things I needed to has and Oceanside looked like tha best place to get it. I not been dissappointed, Miss Nevy's class gives me tha kind of school i likes, and tha school has lots of clubs and fun activities too, like Adventure club wif mine Mama as leader! I gladd I decided to come to Oceanside and wouldn't change it for tha world!


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