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Oh my jeebus!!! First off if i saw little bugs in mine salad i would braf everywhere. Luckily mama loves to clean up mine messes and mien braf so den her could step in and clean it all up. Next i would wonders who made his bug salad dat I am eatin??? Dunt put bugs in yer salad!! Den I would braf some more and mama would come scrub it all up agains, and ocourse by dis time sissy would also braf, and so dere would be nice braf evywhere for mama to cleans! Den finally I would throw out mine salad, and hope dat next time dere wunt be bugs, and den maybe I would be relivin it so I would braf.

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Well, it takes alot to get me annoyed. Anyone will tells you, bof me and sissy are all about bein positive and not lettin things affect us. BUT, I do have somethin that really annoys me, and dat is all tha drama in SL. It seems like no matta how much you make sures you are not involved in drama and dunt participates in dat kinda stuff, it finds you and makes you involve. I dunt know why so many people has drama that follows they and it seems like dere is so so much of it all around.

Dat bein said it does take alots of it to akshully get to tha point of bein annoyin lol, but I had to blogs about somethin on topic so dere it is.

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My favy time of tha day is tha time I gets to spend wif sissy, which is alot of times of day but still!! It so hard to choose cause I loves tha time of day wif mama, and wif auntie daddy, and auntie sarah and mine time in class too, BUT mine time wif sissy has to go at tha top of tha list. We laughs, we cried, it becames a part of us. We has tons of fun and we get lots done!

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Well if anyone knows me, dey knows I's full of good advice. Heath matters for a reason you know!! Today I gonna choose to give advice to miss Nevy dat is wise and all knowin, so use it wif care miss Nevy!!!

First, and most importants, dunt eat tha yellow snow. Dis is not lemon snow cones and it not maple candy neitha!! (here a hint: Its pee!!!)

Seconds, tha most awesomnest food in tha world is cookies! So many kinda, so many posserbilities, AND you can bake dem yerself iffin you wants or finds dem in convenients locations almost anywheres!! Use dem to feels good, use dem to gives comforts, or use dem as a handy gift!

Lastlies, here is a big one, Heath n Rory gives good hugs. I advisin you if you needs one, dat they is very handy in dat department!!

Hopes mine advice helps you out lots!!!

<3 Heath