On Friday, April 8, 2011 0 comments

Well dis topic is sorta easy for me since I still 6 years old ahahahha. A good memory I has was tha time me and sissy invited our bestie cousin sista wife Audra and her family to live wif us on our sim! We even builded dem a house to lives in. Now we has our friends near us wheneva we wants to bisit and has fun with Audra!

On Wednesday, April 6, 2011 0 comments

I loves animals, jsut ask mine doggie Max, mine kitty Miss Meow, our two gerbils, our Zebra and horsies, Amaretto Horsies, KittyCats, sissy's hippos, our lion, and our monkeys XD  We always loved animals for ages and ages, and we always had they evywhere we lived. Dats cause me n sissy loves to cuddle and play wif animals! yay!

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Ocourse anyone who knows me, knows what I would doos if i was invisible for a day! I would put on tha clothes wif tha baggies pockets, and go round gatherin everyone's cookies!! I love cookies more dan lifes, and bein invisible would makes it so I could sneak all tha cookies and eat dem till I bursts, and no one would knows!! See now I gota figures out how to get dis done, ty for tha topic miss Tabs, I know what I gonna do dis weekend XD