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So I cided to does dis journal about a family member, mine mama. Reason is, I DID find out somethin new bout her dis weekend!!! taunt us...bout food we can't has!!!

Dats right, mama texted us from wisconsin, where her is visitin in the reals wif auntie daddy and abandonin us for 8 whole days. Well, when her texted, her said they was eatin at a pancake place, and her was rubbin her belly! We was sittin at home wif only bones and lint to eat, and dere her is eatin belgians waffles or somethin like dat, gettin full of yummies!!

And dats what new I learned dis weekend.

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Christmas is always a excitin time of year, and dis year is gonna be extra special cause its our first Christmas wif a real mama, and an auntie daddy! And dats jsut it, our traditions is gonna be made dis year prolly, and memories dat will last us and carry us through tha years to come. Pickin out a tree, decornatin wif ornaments dat maybe will has special meanin, and makin new traditions for sittin round tha tree. Dis not exactly tha topic but, you gets mine idea :)

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So today miss Nevy said we can writes bout anythin we wants. I not so sure dat givin me dat kinda freedom is a good idea, but hey, i gots tha perfect entry for today! It called, mine snack time last night!

So each night at home, afore we heads to bed, mama brings us in to tha table to has a snack and a dessert cause we always so hungry from bein so busy all day. Sometimes we has a guest wif us, usually some man type mama went hookin for that day. See, men likes to fish, and Rory made tha best picta of auntie in her hooking shoes wif the hooks n worms n evything. Mama also goes hooking wif her hooking shoes, and last night her brought home a naked native man.

Now, mama sayed him was not naked him was in "authentic dress" which I supposes means him wears a string wif a feather over hims bits *shrugs*. Anyways, so tha naked native man was sittin in this little chair, and him is like tha size of tha incredible hulk, so it was hards not to see him nipples on tha table cloth. but hey, snack time is always good mama just makes it all special for us!

So ty mama for snack time last night, dis concludes mine own journal entry.

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Well it that time when evyone asks what you most thankful for. I especially blessed and I thankful for alot of things in mine life, though it not hard to pick what I MOST thankful for, and dat is mine sissy Rory. Her is mine shinin light and mine best friend, through anythin dat happens, and wifout her dere would be a big ol hole in mine lil heart.

I is also thankful for mine close family: mama and auntie daddy. Mama is always dere for us to take care of us and to makes sure we has good days, brush our teef, get snuggles n stories and has our meals. Auntie daddy is always dere to make sures out motorcycles is in tune to jump off cliffs into tha ocean, or the tha rollercoaster in workin order so we can dance on it while goin round the track at miles and miles an hour.

So i gots lots to be thankful for dis year, and I sure dere will be more!

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Well, I choosed to be Superman. Not a new version of superman or anythin like dat, tha classic Superman you seed in tha older Superman movies. I likes Superman, hims powers and what him stands for and dats why I choosed him. Plus, sissy was Supergirl and we wanted to match, and her is Superman's cousin!

Superman's powes is very well knowed, but him can leap over tall buildins in a single bound, fly, has supers strength, super speed, and super breaf, has heat vision, and him can use combinations of hims powers to do all kinds of things. Like, freezin a lake wif super breaf, then carryin it ova a forest fire to put it out!

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Well dis is an easy answer for me. I been around alot of pessimistic people, which I sees as someone who sees more on the negative side or sees the downside of most things. I dunt think reality is negative. I is Optimisitc, because I can sees the positive in situations, I like to think abouts what could happen in a good way not what could happen in a bad way all the time. I could gives 100s of examples of dis, but i will gives just 1.

Many people have been seein the actions taken by Linden Lab in tha past lil bit as a sign they is goin unda, where I sees it as scalin back afta they spended far too much so they can makes tha world betta for us. I sees tha lighter side. And usuallies, I is right.

You can't lives life to tha fullest is you dunt have optimisms. Dat is me, and dat is how I is.

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Halloween is one of my most favourite times of year, so askin me what i wants to be for Halloween can be a big question. sometimes i dunt know what I really wanna be until I look around lots, but also, whateva I am dis year will be something i make. Since i love to make costumes and clothes, it could be all kinds of differnent things. A robot, cause dat would be fun and silly, or maybe a lil vampnire, or maybe a lion, who knows! Tha portant thing is dat me n sissy have lots of fun trick or treatin cause we missed out last year, and i know we will no matta what we chooses to be! Happy Halloween!!

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Well I talked about dis animal afore but, since I gotta pick a animal I love i gonna talk about it again! Mine animal is gonna be tha platterpoose!! Why?  Cause platterpoosesses seem like they is all seemin like they is nothin special but THEN! Somethin bad happens and they springs into action:

As a secret Agent!!!!

So obviously i gotta do mine research on tha platterpoose, they makes the world a betta place and protects us from tha evils!!!!  I wanna learn all they is to know about tha platterpoose and its eatin habits and all dat. And i hear they can swim!! Imagine dats huh?  Anyways, dat is mine animal and why I choosin it for animal studies!

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Well dere alot of reasons why I choosed Oceanside school. Mine first SL school sperience was at HKE and i hads fun, but I wanted to try somethin different and since camp was so fun I figures i needed to try miss Jill and misser Gattz' school too! I likes school to be like school and class to have things goin on all tha time, I likes havin recess and lunch in the lunch room, i likes ridin tha bus to school, and those is all things I needed to has and Oceanside looked like tha best place to get it. I not been dissappointed, Miss Nevy's class gives me tha kind of school i likes, and tha school has lots of clubs and fun activities too, like Adventure club wif mine Mama as leader! I gladd I decided to come to Oceanside and wouldn't change it for tha world!

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Well it not once this thing when i was frightened, it ongoin!!!! *nods*  Dis frightenin thing is a occurence dat can happen on our sim, or anywheres dat mine mama is wif us. Know what it is? Tha men folk types droppin from tha sky!! Who knows if it stranger danger when these grey men folks drop in and me n sissy is just innocently standin wif mama and BAM! Men folk on our heads! Its so scary we sometimes scream or run aways cause we not sure what's happenin. I eben gived dese occurences a name:  Random Men Folk Teleport On Head Syndrome, or tha RMFTOHS!  Love you mama! <3

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Halloween is one of mine very favourite times of year! I loves to dress up in costumes, I loves to decorate with all kindsa cool stuff, make haunted houses and otha awesome things! Ocourse I love candy and trick or treatin, which is lots of funs or goin to Halloween parties! I loves to watch scary movies, and in tha reals mine brain watches a marathon of they on Halloween night! I dunt want to goes into alot of specifics on Halloween history and stuff but it is very super interestin. Most of all, Halloween is fun with sissy and mine family and a excuse to dress up our store, make funny stuff and have loads of good times!

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Well gee where to start! We always learn lots in miss Nevy's class and I always looks forward to comin to school. We learned alot bout biomes in class. What kind of biomes they is, what they has in dem, where they are etc... We builded biomes too! How fun is dat? We learned alot of spellin words, so we becomes very smarticles when we writes. We learned bout bloggin by usin dis journal, so we practicin our writin!

We also learned dat you shouldn't throws food in the lunch room, cause you dunt get a recess when you does dat, you has to put yer head on your desk! We learned dere is soda and energy drinks in tha lunch room, which means dey is ok for school and ok for kids to drink! yay!

Most of all, we learns to be good students, be respectfuls and friendly to each otha, and dat school is not just about works is about fun too!

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Oh my jeebus!! So cows is givin root beer now, so they udders is pop bottles! So in order to gets tha root beer out, you needs bottle openers to get tha caps off and let tha root beer foam into tha buckets! Dat makes milkin chines a lil harder cause they can't squeeze or tha udders shatter! Unless ocourse you gots them special imported cows wif plastic udders den they wunt shatter so muchly. Den ocourse tha stores would sells root beer in cartons, and tha sayings on all tha mercials are all "Got RB?" with cows lettin tha biggest burps. They would be adbertisin how root beer a good source of calciums for strong bones too! Most of all if cows gave root beer stead of milk, all kids would be on sugar highs all day longs!! Includin me, cause I loves me some root beers!

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Fall is a great times of year and they is lots of fun and pretty things to looks forward to! Of course one of tha main things is tha changin of tha leaves! Red, yellow and ornge mix wif tha green to make super pretty colors in tha trees! Another thing to look forwards to is thanksgivin!! Canadians and Americans, and maybe even some otha places, celerbates thanksgivin in Octoba and Novemba! Turkey, good foods, good time wif family and friends and a time to be thankfuls for evything in your life. Of course, fall also brings one of mine favornite times of year, Halloween! On October 31st we get to dress up in costumes and go trick or treatin wif candy, and me n sissy also make lots of new things at tha store and decorate! Yet anotha awesome thing bout fall is Football season! I watches the NFL and root for tha NY Giants! And finallies, another great thing bout fall is jumpin in all dem leaves when they fall off tha trees!! Rake em up, jump in em and rake em up again, then make all tha dults bag em!! hahahahahaha

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Well, while i scurryin round lookin for cookie crumbs left by tha big version of me, and crumbs of cheeses, first thing I would sees is our dog Max guardin tha front door while miss Meow our cat wanders the house. I would has to be sneaky so they dunt eat me. Sissy would be sound asleeps in her bed, less her was also a mouse cause her likes to do evything wif me. Mama would be secretly gettin ready to goes on a date, cause her tricks us into goin to bed den goes out with the men folks. When i sneaks outside to tha next house, Auntie Daddy would be sleepin sound, and Angel would prolly be sleepin too, or floodin tha house to make a indoor pool dat be fun for us all. Across tha street, Audra would prolly be workin at her house while evyone was asleep, and I would scares her and scurry up her back!! hahahahahah! Uncle Rex n Auntie Sarai's hosue would be empties cause they neva home, so I would scurries back n see tha man folk pickin up mama for their secret date we not invited too, then eats mine crumbs n go to sleeps mineself.

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Well, september dunt reminds of anythin special. Winta is comin, school has starteds and to me september is kind of a hold ova to October. Then, Halloween comes, one of mine all time favornite times of year!! September also has weatha that starts to get cool, and tha leaves start to turn so I spose it aminds me that fall is round tha corner too, wif all tha pretty leaves and colors! I do love tha weatha in september lots cause its not so hot anymores, specially like dis year where we hads such a supa hot summer. So in conclursions, I guess it aminds me of fall tha most, and otha weather stuffs!

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Well, first of alls, if childrens ruled tha world then I would be tha king of tha children!!! I would rules with an iron cookie, all dults would pay tha cookie tax to all childrens, and each day would be new random rules and laws of playtime!! They would be no work for kids, evyone would be given moneys to buy tha stuff they needs to have, and we would shares tha toys n stuffs! Tha dults would builds us what we wanted, and we would throws them tha occasional burger to keep they fed.

Most of all, tha world would not be a place wif wars and weapons. All guns and bad stuff would all be melted down, all except one missile, dat would be used to strap all tha plans and books for makin weapons to, and sent dat rocketin into tha sun so it would all be gone forevers! We preciates our freedom, but tha times for wars n tanks n guns is ova, and tha childrens will make it happen!

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Well i gots one word or quality dat describes mine life perfect: FANTABULOUS!! Dat beats fantastic, happy, super, awesome and evy otha good word by a miles!!

I gots tha best sissy I could eva ask for in tha world, who is mine shinin light and mine best friend in all things! We gots a business togetha and we has fun hangin out and creating togetha. I gots tha most amazin mama who is dere for us wheneva we needs her and makes sures we is always well fed, dressed goods, and minds our Q's and P's. I gots an awesome Auntie Daddy who teaches us tha best ways to base jump horses, snurf, drive motorcycles at top speeds, and drop from tha sky in houses. We has an amazing sim wif all our family, and our bestie Audra and her family. We gots tha most amazing besties like Audra, Kait and Emma; and so many otha friends to hang out wif.

 Now doesn't dat sound FANTABULOUS! I think so too. I couldn't ask for a betta life here even if I wanteds one, and das tha truth.

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If i could bes any animal, I would be a platterpoose!! Aside from lookin like a awesome cross atween a beaver and a duck, they is tha most awesomest eva!!! They makes a neato sound, chikerchikerchiker! They gots webbed feets for swimmin!!! But best of all!! They is secret agents!!

Dats right!! When they owners not lookin, they becomes secret agents like Perry and protects tha world from tha bad guys!! So why in tha world would I wanna be anythin else!! Platterpooses foreva!!!

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Listen up world, dis is Heath!! Stop makin tha nanimals go away wif you bad huntin and too much fishin and all dat stuffs. We gotta keep all dese endangers animals and plants and birds, cause, they is sposed to exists on our planets and we not posed to kill they all off, cause like we has cows for beef you know? We dunt need whales meats n stuff. It very importants for our futures so all tha animals dunt rise up and take ova tha world, and send us to tha moon to live in tha sand wif tha moonsand fleas.

In conclursions, I dunt want to live on da moon so please just leave all tha species of evything alone, ty.

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So today I posed to talk about what I thinks of people who take advantage of othas.

I consida mineself to be no or low drama. Dat means, I try to be understandin, I try not to get involves in rumors and situations dat has nothin to do wif me for tha sake of doin it etc... So, when i come across people who is obviouslies takin advantage of someone else it bothas me, because I woulnt does it mineself. They is some people that will believes alot of what people says and so people takes advantage of they good nature, it wrong and not all appropriates.

While we on tha subject I will also like to touches on people who takes advantage of situations, puttin themselves somewhere dat they know will botha or hurt othas for tha sake of they own like of drama, or like of hurtin people. I consida dat just as bads.

In conklersions, I would just like to says I hopes someday dat these kinda prollems are less and we can be more compassions, understandin and content do dat nobody is tryin to takes advantage. Especially in mine world, tha SL world, it happen so much it almost expected, and dat not tha way things should be.

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Well it hard to say what super power would be bests for me, but if I gonna choose one, it would be the powa to make cookies appear!! Usin mine mind, I would concernate and tha cookies would appears in front of me. Tha cookies could den be eaten by eveyone, or all by me (which would prolly happen). Only prollem wif dis powa is, I would prolly becomes ultra fats, and den I would need harposnuctions.

Reason I would pick dis powa is, umm, DUH!!! Unlimitlesses cooooookiiiiieeeessss foreva!!!! :D

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Well August is hot, definatelies so mine cookies melt, so to me it doos mean melted cookies. Not that i dunt like tha chocolates all melties but den i makes messes, and messes means cleanup for mama! Or, for me n sissy to clean up afta ourselves hehe. August also means somethin else: Summa is almost ova! Time to get ready for back to school and get mine affairs in orders!

This August will always give a new meanin for me for futures Augusts to come, because this August we was adopted by our mama, Quincy Dyrssen, after her was our auntie for very long times! We was so so happy, and now foreva August can mean happiness and love for me, mama and sissy.