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Well if anyone knows me, dey knows I's full of good advice. Heath matters for a reason you know!! Today I gonna choose to give advice to miss Nevy dat is wise and all knowin, so use it wif care miss Nevy!!!

First, and most importants, dunt eat tha yellow snow. Dis is not lemon snow cones and it not maple candy neitha!! (here a hint: Its pee!!!)

Seconds, tha most awesomnest food in tha world is cookies! So many kinda, so many posserbilities, AND you can bake dem yerself iffin you wants or finds dem in convenients locations almost anywheres!! Use dem to feels good, use dem to gives comforts, or use dem as a handy gift!

Lastlies, here is a big one, Heath n Rory gives good hugs. I advisin you if you needs one, dat they is very handy in dat department!!

Hopes mine advice helps you out lots!!!

<3 Heath


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