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Fall is a great times of year and they is lots of fun and pretty things to looks forward to! Of course one of tha main things is tha changin of tha leaves! Red, yellow and ornge mix wif tha green to make super pretty colors in tha trees! Another thing to look forwards to is thanksgivin!! Canadians and Americans, and maybe even some otha places, celerbates thanksgivin in Octoba and Novemba! Turkey, good foods, good time wif family and friends and a time to be thankfuls for evything in your life. Of course, fall also brings one of mine favornite times of year, Halloween! On October 31st we get to dress up in costumes and go trick or treatin wif candy, and me n sissy also make lots of new things at tha store and decorate! Yet anotha awesome thing bout fall is Football season! I watches the NFL and root for tha NY Giants! And finallies, another great thing bout fall is jumpin in all dem leaves when they fall off tha trees!! Rake em up, jump in em and rake em up again, then make all tha dults bag em!! hahahahahaha


Nevalyn Looming said...

i never thought much about halloween until recently, being around kids constantly allows me to really bring out my inner child and just have fun! it's quickly becoming one of my favs! oh and... how about the kids pick up those leaves!! :P great entry!

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