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Well gee where to start! We always learn lots in miss Nevy's class and I always looks forward to comin to school. We learned alot bout biomes in class. What kind of biomes they is, what they has in dem, where they are etc... We builded biomes too! How fun is dat? We learned alot of spellin words, so we becomes very smarticles when we writes. We learned bout bloggin by usin dis journal, so we practicin our writin!

We also learned dat you shouldn't throws food in the lunch room, cause you dunt get a recess when you does dat, you has to put yer head on your desk! We learned dere is soda and energy drinks in tha lunch room, which means dey is ok for school and ok for kids to drink! yay!

Most of all, we learns to be good students, be respectfuls and friendly to each otha, and dat school is not just about works is about fun too!


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