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Well, first of alls, if childrens ruled tha world then I would be tha king of tha children!!! I would rules with an iron cookie, all dults would pay tha cookie tax to all childrens, and each day would be new random rules and laws of playtime!! They would be no work for kids, evyone would be given moneys to buy tha stuff they needs to have, and we would shares tha toys n stuffs! Tha dults would builds us what we wanted, and we would throws them tha occasional burger to keep they fed.

Most of all, tha world would not be a place wif wars and weapons. All guns and bad stuff would all be melted down, all except one missile, dat would be used to strap all tha plans and books for makin weapons to, and sent dat rocketin into tha sun so it would all be gone forevers! We preciates our freedom, but tha times for wars n tanks n guns is ova, and tha childrens will make it happen!


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