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Well, while i scurryin round lookin for cookie crumbs left by tha big version of me, and crumbs of cheeses, first thing I would sees is our dog Max guardin tha front door while miss Meow our cat wanders the house. I would has to be sneaky so they dunt eat me. Sissy would be sound asleeps in her bed, less her was also a mouse cause her likes to do evything wif me. Mama would be secretly gettin ready to goes on a date, cause her tricks us into goin to bed den goes out with the men folks. When i sneaks outside to tha next house, Auntie Daddy would be sleepin sound, and Angel would prolly be sleepin too, or floodin tha house to make a indoor pool dat be fun for us all. Across tha street, Audra would prolly be workin at her house while evyone was asleep, and I would scares her and scurry up her back!! hahahahahah! Uncle Rex n Auntie Sarai's hosue would be empties cause they neva home, so I would scurries back n see tha man folk pickin up mama for their secret date we not invited too, then eats mine crumbs n go to sleeps mineself.


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