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Well i gots one word or quality dat describes mine life perfect: FANTABULOUS!! Dat beats fantastic, happy, super, awesome and evy otha good word by a miles!!

I gots tha best sissy I could eva ask for in tha world, who is mine shinin light and mine best friend in all things! We gots a business togetha and we has fun hangin out and creating togetha. I gots tha most amazin mama who is dere for us wheneva we needs her and makes sures we is always well fed, dressed goods, and minds our Q's and P's. I gots an awesome Auntie Daddy who teaches us tha best ways to base jump horses, snurf, drive motorcycles at top speeds, and drop from tha sky in houses. We has an amazing sim wif all our family, and our bestie Audra and her family. We gots tha most amazing besties like Audra, Kait and Emma; and so many otha friends to hang out wif.

 Now doesn't dat sound FANTABULOUS! I think so too. I couldn't ask for a betta life here even if I wanteds one, and das tha truth.


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