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Well it that time when evyone asks what you most thankful for. I especially blessed and I thankful for alot of things in mine life, though it not hard to pick what I MOST thankful for, and dat is mine sissy Rory. Her is mine shinin light and mine best friend, through anythin dat happens, and wifout her dere would be a big ol hole in mine lil heart.

I is also thankful for mine close family: mama and auntie daddy. Mama is always dere for us to take care of us and to makes sure we has good days, brush our teef, get snuggles n stories and has our meals. Auntie daddy is always dere to make sures out motorcycles is in tune to jump off cliffs into tha ocean, or the tha rollercoaster in workin order so we can dance on it while goin round the track at miles and miles an hour.

So i gots lots to be thankful for dis year, and I sure dere will be more!


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