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So today miss Nevy said we can writes bout anythin we wants. I not so sure dat givin me dat kinda freedom is a good idea, but hey, i gots tha perfect entry for today! It called, mine snack time last night!

So each night at home, afore we heads to bed, mama brings us in to tha table to has a snack and a dessert cause we always so hungry from bein so busy all day. Sometimes we has a guest wif us, usually some man type mama went hookin for that day. See, men likes to fish, and Rory made tha best picta of auntie in her hooking shoes wif the hooks n worms n evything. Mama also goes hooking wif her hooking shoes, and last night her brought home a naked native man.

Now, mama sayed him was not naked him was in "authentic dress" which I supposes means him wears a string wif a feather over hims bits *shrugs*. Anyways, so tha naked native man was sittin in this little chair, and him is like tha size of tha incredible hulk, so it was hards not to see him nipples on tha table cloth. but hey, snack time is always good mama just makes it all special for us!

So ty mama for snack time last night, dis concludes mine own journal entry.


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