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Well dis topic is easy and I tell you why, cause min favorite sim is HOME! Aquamarine island is where I lives with mama, sissy, auntie daddy, audra and her family and sometimes our otha family too! Larnia Kids is also dere, mine store wif sissy and Audra.

We first discovad Aquamarine island back when mama was still our auntie. We cided instead of us visitin her and auntie Sparks at their homestead, and them comin to ours, we should share a full sim! Me n sissy found Aquamarine island when it was justs a empty beach, but we felled in love and we been proud to call it home for almost a year!!

I love our home cause its special, we work hard on it and it a place where we can does anythin we like, and invite all our friends and family ova!!


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