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Listen up world, dis is Heath!! Stop makin tha nanimals go away wif you bad huntin and too much fishin and all dat stuffs. We gotta keep all dese endangers animals and plants and birds, cause, they is sposed to exists on our planets and we not posed to kill they all off, cause like we has cows for beef you know? We dunt need whales meats n stuff. It very importants for our futures so all tha animals dunt rise up and take ova tha world, and send us to tha moon to live in tha sand wif tha moonsand fleas.

In conclursions, I dunt want to live on da moon so please just leave all tha species of evything alone, ty.


Sloane Woodford said...

well, we could bounce weightless on de moon, Heath, but I guess dat would get old pretty fast so I guess you are right, we should all live together here :D

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